Guantánamo Detainee Using Bullhorn


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New York, NY 10003

Posters $12 (11 x 16.5")

  • Poster: I Am 239

    I Am 239

  • Poster: Dreaming of Home


  • Poster: 13 Years Lived

    12 Years Lived

  • Poster: All I Want

    All I Want

  • Poster: Shaker Aamer

    Shaker Aamer

  • Poster: Murat Kurnaz

    Murat Kurnaz

  • Poster: Murat Kurnaz II

    Murat Kurnaz II

  • Poster: Adnan Latif I

    Adnan Latif I

  • Poster: Adnan Latif 2

    Adnan Latif II

  • Poster: Moazzam Begg


  • Poster: Omar Deghayes


Original photography for these posters by the Witness Against Torture team.

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